Pilates Classes in Harpenden and St.Albans

I am always heartened to see how much benefit people get with attending just one Pilates class a week. It is quite amazing the improvements in posture mobility and strength that I see. I feel this is in some way due to the cross over effect of bringing the body awareness that we practice in class into everyday life. So with this is in mind ….. as promised here somewhat tardy is a “summer programme”

Feel how are you sitting standing right now? – Don’t move or ‘improve’

– if you have, then go back and just feel. This is so important for our Nervous System to learn and the key to learning something new.

Now from this place feel the breath in your body, notice the rising and falling. Now bring the tongue to the roof of the mouth, place one hand on the crown of the head and feel a reach from the crown into the hand. Let the tongue assist with the carriage of the head. Imagine you are a sunflower growing upwards towards the light. From here, feel your feet on the floor and allow a very gentle push away from the floor. Sense your sitiing bones or what part of your pelvis you bearing most weight. Roll your pelvis backwards a little so that your belly moves backwards, then let your belly roll towards the floor in front of you. Once you are on your sitz bones yield into your chair feel the force of gravity down and from there imagine or feel the push back upwards lengthening your spine.
Take one shoulder up back and round and feel the difference between the shoulders, then roll the other.

Elbows to your sides breathe in and open the forearms in a Dumb Waiter, exhale to close.

Breathe your shoulders up towards your ears and exhale let them drop.

Reach your arms overhead, let your shoulders come up towards your ears, keeping your arms high just drop your shoulders down and Reach from here. Bring your arms down. Then do one arm then the other and finish with both.

Stretch one leg out in front of you so that it is straight or straight ish

Reach behind with your sitz bones your upper body moving forward slightly, take a deep long slow breath then return and change legs.

Flex and point from your ankles.

When you go to the loo, do a few squats before you sit down

Find ways to bring awareness to your body and feel it come alive – tell me your ideas!

See you all soon.

For information on Pilates Harpenden or St.Albans please email

bodywisepilatesharpenden@gmail.com or 07711847415

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