Take a breath

I suggested this breathing practice to a Pilates student of mine who had been feeling very tired, also suffering from dizzyness. After following for a few weeks she reported feeling that she felt more vibrant with a marked improvement in energy. After a few months feeling more resistance to coughs and colds and also a less dizzy.

Counting Breathing Practice: ( Not if pregnant or any internal bleeding)

Start with doing this in bed, progress to sitting then standing.

Start with five minutes 3 x daily. Progress to 15 minutes 3 x daily.

Take a long slow breath in, a long slow breath out.

Invite the breath into the Diaphragm or belly with a long slow in breath and long slow out breath.

Count your in breath for 2,3 or 4 and a equal or longer exhale. Aim to make the exhale longer than the inhale by one or a few counts… so

Breathe in 2, 3.

Breathe out 2, 3, 4.

Gradually increase your counts if comfortable. Feel how far the breath travels through the body.

Have the tongue to the roof of the mouth, smile and enjoy.

Here are some benefits of deep breathing:


Massages glands balancing endocrine system

Improves sleep

Promotes Awareness and Mindfulness improving mental and emotional health

Balances the Nervous system calming the emotions, restoring equilibrium

Strengthens and tones the diaphragm bringing a massage to the internal organs

Benefits the heart and cirulatory system, reducing pulse rate, inhances oxygen uptake. Diaphragmatic breathing supports the heart.

With every breath you are taking in nourishment for your body, make it a conscious breath. Bring awareness to your body and feel it come alive!

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