Body Language

Hello to Pilates Harpenden and St.Albans.

I have been talking recently in Pilates classes about Power Poses and how by adopting a Power Pose….. for just 2 minutes reduces our stress hormones and increases our feel good hormones and thus confidence and how powerful we feel. It is a real testiment to how the body can change the mind, our internal states. They have started adopting some of these poses in students before they go into exams. Here is a link to Amy Cuddy Ted Talk she talks about how we make ourselves smaller and collapsed when we feel powerless, closing in ourselves. And not surprising opening up and taking up space when we feel confident. We have been doing loads of expansion and extension in Pilates Classes in Harpenden and St.Albans particularly over the last year.Have a look and please try – it’s worth 2 minutes, let me know what you think.

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