Somatics is the living body as experienced from within. What you feel and experience. Noticing when your attention is with yourself, or when your attention  gets pulled outside of yourself or into internally driven thoughts and projections. So it is a Mindful practice of moving,of paying attention. A Somatic approach to movement enhances well-being and self-regulation. Helping to improve the functioning of the individual through integration of psychological, emotional and physical factors.

Somatic Movement sessions

Integrative movement and bodywork sessions give support in cultivating mindfulness and awareness of our bodymind. As we enter into this exploration with an attitude of openness curiosity and acceptance, we can find the inner world of the body reveals a deep knowing; beyond the thinking analysing mind we can be in touch with a deeper self, finding that old habits drop away and we find ourselves anew.

Sessions can include hands on bodywork, checking in with ourselves by moving,talking, drawing,or writing. The practice of Authentic Movement informs all that I do. The contemplative movement and witnessing, the relationship between the mover and witness can be transformational as we are seen and heard in a non judgemental holding, cultivating our inner witness to stay present

Sessions maybe meditative, playful, insightful and used for support in the creative process and releasing new ideas.

Our bodies have an innate intelligence right down to the cellular level, so there is no mind that is also not the body. When we slow down enough to listen, an unravelling can occur.

Mindful Pilates

We usually start out in a Pilates class by spending a little time to arrive in the body, paying attention to your own subjective experience. Cultivating awareness, checking in with ourselves, directing breath and allowing the body and mind time to settle. With the pace of life speeding up we can find ourselves continually in our heads, so to slow down like this is a way of developing a Mindfulness practice, to be present in the here and now with the very direct experience of the body, accessing the Wisdom of the body and with the practice of allowing, accepting and non judgemental awareness we can start to let go of habitual patterns of holding and tension. Developing a mindful movement practice is beneficial for general health and well being.