Bring Awareness to your body and feel it come alive

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Pilates Classes  in Harpenden and St. Albans.


In a Pilates Class you will:

  • Improve your posture and how you move in daily life.
  • Improve your breathing and core strength
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase your body awareness and balance
  • Improve the health of your joints
  • Tone your body and  increase flexibility.
  • Bring a mindful movement practice into your life.
  • Spine Safe

I teach Spine Safe exercises and teach you how to move better in everyday life. My main goal when working with people is to help facilitate a joy and freedom of movement in their bodies. I teach Pilates classes and one to one sessions in Harpenden and St. Albans.

Listening to the Body…

Pilates to me is journey of self-awareness, a link between the mind, body and senses. It’s about making time for myself on a regular basis, Stopping………… to Listen…. to what my body has to say; hearing its messages

Sometimes physical symptoms are a manifestation of what’s going on in your life ……… so to listen, to really listen to your body we need to slow down using mindfulness and awareness in our practice.

I am a member and a registered teacher with The Body Control Pilates Association (BCPA), I have been teaching Pilates for over fifteen years and continually update my knowledge with both the required Pilates Professional Development and other movement practices.

I have qualified as a Level 4 REPs Back Care Practitioner and am recognised as a Back Care Professional by the Charity Back Care and am qualified to take GP referrals.

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