What I’ve learned about winter colds

I have recently succumbed to the traditional winter cold, sore throat cough then a streaming cold. I take the ususal advice of resting and keeping warm.

But I remember something my Osteopath Caroline Penn once said about circulation and how traditionally Osteopaths would work with people to move the virus through the body and to help the sinuses to clear, and that a massage could also help with this to help Lymph drainage and circulation.

And of course Movement being my ‘thing’ I know that this also helps Lymph flow and aids circulation. So instead of completely resting, hours lying in bed and losing muscle mass I start to roll around on the floor using my Chi and massage balls to ease some aching muscles and low and behold I start to feel a bit brighter and clearer with more energy! which leads me to more stretching and moving, some Pilates Cat, Bridge lifts, prone lifting elbows, Arm circles to open my shoulders and chest, dart – to stop me becoming hunched up and yes this really does help.

Of course this is very gentle movement. Intense exercise such as running or even fast walking which involves getting out of breath is absolutely contraindicted when ill. The heart muscle has to work harder and vigorous exercise taken when ill can permanently damage the heart.

Please let me know if you like my blog and if it is helpful.

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Wishing you all free of winter germs Love Susanne

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