Pilates Classes Harpenden and St.Albans

class3 ImagePilates classes are in Harpenden and St.Albans.

Pilates classes are suitable for everyone regardless of age and fitness. I work with each person as an individual and teach movement skills that you can take into everyday life. You will be learning about your body and improving your posture as well as becoming more mindful and aware of how you are using your body in your everyday life.

Book six sessions for  £60.00. If you miss a class you can make it up with another class.

Day Location Time
Pilates classes Harpenden Monday Harpenden 6.45 - 7.45 pm
Pilates classes St.Albans Tuesday St. Albans 9.45- 10.45 am
Pilates classes Harpenden Wednesday Harpenden 10.00- 11.00 am
Pilates classes Harpenden Wednesday Harpenden 6.30pm - 7.30pm
Pilates classes Harpenden Wednesday Harpenden 7.45 - 8.45pm

The exercises from Joseph Pilates original Classical Mat Series are broken down so that safe and effective movement skills are learnt for the exercises to be performed safely. 

To book Pilates in Harpenden or St.Albans please email: bodywisepilatesharpenden@gmail.com

Or tel: Susanne 07711 847415

Some things don’t change- Your body isn’t one of them

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