We have approximately 650 muscles in our body, 206 bones but One system.

And this system is a living system which is why anatomical dissection can only tell us about dead bodies not an alive living system. They used to throw away the connective tissue when doing dissections because they didn’t know what is was!

They also used to think that the skeleton gave our bodies shape and structure but modern thinking believes that in fact we are a tensegrity structure(tension that gives the structure integrity) I quote here from James Earl “any force applied to a tensegrity structure is dispersed through its entirety” – this tension through a line of pull makes the structures stiffer and therefore stronger. The second characteristic is that “tensegrity structures are self supporting; not requiring gravity to maintain their form – compared to a tower of blocks, which requires the compression of gravity and loses all integrity when turned at an angle to gravity” – good job our bones don’t fall apart like a tower of bricks when we go sideways!

Our shape is determined by our movement patterns and habits so we can help move our connective tissue and keep it hydrated by being aware of how we move. This is what we practice in our Pilates Class here in Harpenden and St.Albans. Pilates helps inform your body and improve movement in your everyday life.

So some simple everyday things you can do is to be aware – what arm do you reach up into the cupboards with? – Use the other arm and FEEL the difference – probably all the way down your ribs and side not just in your arm and shoulder. Which foot do you push off with or step up and down with. Change hands to clean your teeth, wash up, stir the cooking pot. when you turn to look behind you what’s your favourite side; change change and change again these small steps make a big difference to how your body adapts and holds and changes shape resulting in healthier more hydrated living tissue right down to the cellular level. Think of it trillions of cells being fed and hydrated with movement changes in your daily life.

Our bodies are so clever and amazing, if you would like to see more about Facisa click on the link to strolling under the skin UTube video.


More later – please let me know how you get on and what ideas you have come up with to change your daily activities.

If you would like to know more about my Pilates classes in Harpenden and St.Albans please email: or tel 07711847415

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