Laugh for no reason!

Laughter is the best medicine… and its good for toning up your abdominals. For those of you who come to my classes you will know that I do encourage laughing. It is really good for your core muscles.

Did you know that children laugh up to 300 times a day whilst as adults we barely manage 15 times. How many times a day do you laugh?

The best thing about laughter is that it MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD!

And the results last for hours, days, weeks, months, a lifetime. Norman Cousins –a doctor, cured himself of an incurable illness with laughter therapy.

The benefits of laughing are;

The endorphins released from laughing not only increase joyful states but help with pain control too – many hospitals are now using laughter as a method of pain management.

Increases T lymphocytes to increase your immunity

Laughter is a powerful antidote to depression and anxiety it releases pent up tension, relaxing the mind and body.

You look and feel amazing brings a glow to your skin

It’s a good aerobic exercise – 1 minute of laughter is equal to 10 mins on the rowing machine.

Its suitable for sedentary people and for those in wheelchairs.

Laughter lowers blood pressure and helps people with heart disease,

Improves Asthma and bronchitis

Massages the internal organs helps with digestion and elimination

Helps singers and actors

Increases self confidence and enhances creativity

You spread happiness and joy to those around you.


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